Medication Management

Medication Management Services are a spectrum of patient-centered, pharmacist-provided, collaborative services focusing on medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and adherence to improve health outcomes. It is a service that is individualized for a specific patient, focusing on their needs and concerns, which also involves the patient in the care process.


  1. Calls of faxes prescription refills will NOT be accepted nor processed
  2. All refill requests must be submitted through your Patient Portal.
  3. Providers give enough refills to make it to your next scheduled appointment. You must book an appointment if you have missed or canceled. a partial refill of the requested medication may be given until that upcoming appointment at the doctor’s discretion
  4. Please allow 3 business days to process the refill request. Refills after 3:00 pm will be reviewed the next business day
  5. The practice reserves the right to deny any refill requests if the provider suspects abuse or patients are not taking the medication as prescribed
  6. First psychiatric follow-up (FU) visits will be scheduled for the next two (2) weeks or the next available after the initial appointment
  7. Refill will only be provided to patients who an Impireum clinician saw within the last three (3) months.
  8. Medications will not be changed or adjusted without an appointment
  9. Refills will NOT be given to patients who are no-shows for a follow-up appointment
  10. Patients on controlled substances will NOT be provided refills or bridge prescriptions until they are seen.
  11. A bridge prescription can be prescribed until the next available appointment
  12. Parents must be present during appointments for all patients under 18 years old
  13. Benzos will be limited to 6 weeks or less
    • Patients with sedative dependence should be tapered off the drug or offered referral to inpatient treatment
  14. Sleeping pills (Z drugs) will be limited to 20 days a month
  15. Stimulants and sedatives will be limited to one stimulant or one sedative, not both
    • One dose of a long-acting stimulant is preferable to instant-release stimulants, or a long-acting dose plus an instant release
  16. We recommend not waiting until the last minute.

Existing Patients

New Patients