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**Impireum Payment Policy (Made Simple)**

At Impireum, we always check your insurance benefits for you. But remember, a quote of benefits doesn’t mean your insurance will pay for everything. Your plan will decide what it covers. So, if your insurance pays less than we thought, it’s because of your plan.

Please pay at the start of each visit. You need to pay your deductible, copay, and coinsurance. Our billing staff will help you understand this before your first visit. After your visit, we’ll bill you for any money still owed. If we owe you money, we’ll refund you quickly.

If your insurance covers mental health, we’ll bill them for you. Just give your insurance info to our front desk staff. But, accepting your insurance doesn’t mean we pay for everything. You must pay any amount not covered by your insurance.

Even if we work with most insurance companies, your plan might not cover our services. A doctor sending you to us doesn’t mean your insurance will pay. You are responsible for all charges.

We suggest you call your insurance to check your mental health coverage. Even if you have more than one insurance, don’t assume you won’t owe anything.

You must have a valid credit/debit card on file. If not, we’ll cancel future appointments.

All payments are electronic and seen on the patient portal. We won’t send paper bills in the mail.

To update a credit card, call our front office at (877) 631-0010, option 2, use the patient portal, or email info@impireum.com