Existing Patients

New Patients


  1. This policy covers all services provided at Impireum, including all specialized treatments.
  2. TMS treatments are based on a 5x/weekly for seven (7) weeks for 36 treatment sessions. Missing a TMS treatment might be inevitable if the patient becomes too ill to come to treatment or the patient is out of town. Clinical trials have shown that the efficacy of TMS will not be affected as long as the latency between treatments does not exceed 14 consecutive days. If the patient misses 14 consecutive days, they will be discharged from treatment without a refund of any out-of-pocket expense.
  3. If a patient needs to miss a TMS appointment, the patient must alert the treater 24 hours before their absence. The missed treatment will be scheduled as a make-up session, pushing out the end of the treatment date. If the patient does not alert the treater of the absence within 24 hours, they will be charged the daily treatment amount determined by their insurance coverage.
  4. Failure to attend an appointment and/or cancel less than 48 hours (24 hours for TMS) in advance will result in a late cancellation or No-Show.
  5. Three (3) missed appointments (not applicable to specialized treatments) within a year (12 months) period, the patient/client will be charged a self-pay (not insurance) fee for a missed appointment or late cancellation as follows;

    1. 1st & 2nd Psychiatry – $175.00

    2. 1st & 2nd Psychotherapy – $150.00

    3. TMS – be charged the daily treatment amount determined by their insurance coverage for every missed appointment

    4. Third missed appointment within that year (12 months) period, patients will be charged at 1 & 2 rates followed by a discharge letter from the practice

    5. 14 consecutive TMS missed appointments within the 36-session treatment cycle, patients will receive a discharge letter from the practice with no refund of out-of-pocket expense

  6. Our appointment system also sends a courtesy several reminder notifications before all appointments.
  7. Patients are not allowed to have double-booked appointments in a week, and if such appointments are found, both appointments will be removed from the scheduler to ensure fair access to healthcare services for all patients.
  8. No-shows and cancellations with less than 48-hour notice are significant problems for our practice. Many practices overbook on purpose so that no-shows and cancellations won’t limit access to other patients and cause financial hardship for the practice.
  9. No-shows become even more burdensome when the appointment is for a new patient/client appointment. This is due to the extra time for new patients/clients. It is also detrimental to other new patients/clients who could have been seen during that time.
  10. We request that you maintain the scheduled time. If unable, we require you to please cancel appointments via the patient portal or notify the office 48 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel so we may better accommodate other patients/clients.
  11. To ensure a smooth appointment process, for Initial appointments, it is essential to complete all required forms 48 hours before the scheduled appointment; failure to do so will result in cancellation.
  12. Any psychiatry and psychotherapy cancellation [see section E] within a 24-hour window is considered late and will be treated as a missed appointment.